A Journey Called Life …

A Facebook Story ( Part I.)

“Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.”
― C.G. Jung

Another heart

A heart appears on notification,
she says, you look even prettier,
age doesn’t tame you, but prefects you.

My heart beats.

I check her photo gallery. Her daughter
of four years wrapping her tired neck.
Her husband, my old friend, looks like
that teen-ager we both once knew.

You both haven’t changed a bit, I write
to her inbox. The message gets delivered.
She sends a thumb. And another heart.

Time flew like an angry river.
It always does.
A decade.
A year.
Some mindful grudges.
This little life.


some stories are dumped on our stupid walls,
like smelly open trash.

Don’t go too close, we whisper.

Pass another kiss, another heart,
another thumb, another exaggerated expression.

From far they all are noise.

You still need real work
to close a gap,
to burn a bridge,
to comfort love.