A Journey Called Life …

A Facebook Story ( Part II.)

“The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” ― C.G. Jung

More fables

So much for personal branding-
we forget we were humans once,
made of flesh and blood,
thin skin that could sense feelings,
ugly heart that envied,
good heart that melted
like butter in warm summer.

Inside our boundaries, if you
intruded, you could have found
us, unfiltered, with not many dreams.

Because in real world, dreams break,
and we don’t talk about them
until we can attach them together,
touch them with our warm hands,
and put on display on an old shelf,
like hard earned trophies.

So much for personal branding-
we can forge a life,
copy someone’s ambition
and paste on our wall,
write fictions everyday
to make us look better.
Better than who we are.
Better than who we can ever be.

We talk about things that
we will never do.

We talk about things that
we never do.

We just talk.
Empty noise.
Virtual hugs.
Dummy emojis.
Instant wins.

And the real life waits somewhere,
famished, in despair, in denial.