A Journey Called Life …

Petrichor, once more

As I am writing here, rain has returned to the bay. Hills over my shoulder are sleeping, tucked in fog and cloud. This time every year my mind becomes overactive, and creatively wanders on muddy paths, jumps in puddles, rescues fallen leaves, wipes off raindrops on the blurry windows of nostalgia, whispers to the rose bushes, hugs a sad tree, and opens up the refrigerator door multiple times to get some food for thoughts.

Though this year, I am taking a different route. I am training my body to be in sync with my mind. So even on a rainy day I am going for my rain coat, and training for an upcoming marathon.

I am eyeing the target even though at times I am slipping off to capture photographs of pretty leaves, new horizons, unmarked ways, gray sky, and silhouettes that nature reveals to me only in autumn.

 What makes autumn special is the smell of first rain- wet earth mixed with fallen leaves, signalling the end of a dry spell. As if the nature knows that you will cover yourself in an old sweater tonight, drink cider, pour words in your mug, lit a fire, and give bad memories a good bye kiss.

 Inspired by Dailypost Photo Challenge