A Window With A View


When I wait outside a big corporate building, or when I am stuck in traffic in a corporate neighborhood surrounded by pricey cars and tall skyscrapers, I often look up to find a window, an open window. A window that connects some dots of some vagabond minds and the outside world.

Sometimes I can visualize a person waiting impatiently in one of those closed, air-conditioned cars, scrolling up and down his phone screen to connect with someone. I can imagine someone inside a windowless cubicle in one of those skyscrapers, trying to connect with a real person on every browser, on every opened web window, on every social networking site, to talk, to pour his heart out. We all want to connect with each other, no matter where we are- skyscrapers or lost in a deep forest or awestruck somewhere else. Continue reading “A Window With A View”

This too shall pass

Towards dipsea

“Gam zeh ya’avor” is a Hebrew phrase meaning “This too shall pass”. I don’t remember where exactly I read about it for the first time, but it remained one of my most favorite lines during too happy or too tedious days. I love old fables with eternal lessons. Being a multi-lingual I have that advantage; I could fly to ancient books of many cultures and learn things to carry forward in life. Continue reading “This too shall pass”