I still remember that day. The sky was crystal clear. All the plants in the garden were wrapped with yellow and white flowers. “The best garden in the entire universe,” I might have said that again and again. I accompanied my mom to her best friend Aunt K’s house for the first time in my life. My mom told me many stories about Aunt K’s house and garden where she spent a large part of her childhood, playing hide and seek, chasing the bees and drinking nectar from honeysuckle. Her memory was fresher than those blooming beauties of the garden. Her eyes twinkled each time she remembered her childhood in that garden during the story telling. Continue reading “Friendship…”

My Life in Six Songs…

cracks and lyrics

I love this quote. You know, you come across certain words and wonder if the writer knew you well enough before making you immortal on his words! Okay, then this quote was written on me! I have my days when I listen to instrumentals to fill some void. I have those days when a known song brings newer meaning to life, as if it was written on my life. Music and lyrics. They are always present in my very much multi-tasking life. Either on music player or on headphones. All the time. Continue reading “My Life in Six Songs…”

Let me say it in good words..



Months back , I read something like this – Winning is not everything , wanting to win is! It was just the first month of 2013 ; I had many plans for 2013 ; mostly I am good at making plans and following them too; but result – I wish that was under anyone’s control.

So, when I started blogging , I never thought of going viral ,being famous ; I just wanted to let my thoughts wander in a calm, composed and elegant way in this big world ; I wanted to talk about things in good words ,  I wanted to share different stories and idea from my own journey ,and believed at times , a  picture could express better than 100 words! And that’s how all started. A journey of pens and pixels . A Journey of words and worldly wonders! Continue reading “Let me say it in good words..”