Festival of Lights : Diwali (in pictures and words)


There are many Hindu festivals in a year , each with deeper meaning of life , righteousness , mindfulness , duty , phases of life , family life. Of all , Diwali is the festival of lights ; signifying triumph of good over evil. We keep small clay made lamps in the house . The name “Diwali” comes from “Deepavali ” which means  row of lamps ( “Deepa” or “Diya”).

We also visit family and friends , exchange gifts , burst fire crackers and believe all of these good work  keep the evils away from our and our loved one’s lives. Continue reading “Festival of Lights : Diwali (in pictures and words)”

Weekly Photo Challenge :Culture : The Never changing Moon

Too many incidents happen in this world just because we are too involved in ourselves , our city boundary, our habits, our culture , our country , our food, our religion – as if we are going to give up living just to prove “ours is the only way”. History shows that “ours is the only way” caused many incidents – not the good ones , of course.. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge :Culture : The Never changing Moon”

Appreciation & Adulthood!!!!

My friend’s daughter started learning words at very early age. When I met her for the second time I had to clap each time after her each success in finding right picture for right word – it was motivating her to try more. A year later, I heard that she wanted her mom to say “Awesome” after her little accomplishments in pronouncing correct words. That innocent story made me so happy that back home I thought of celebrating our little success here and there too..Its weird right? When we learn to speak and start to achieve big things , we forget to ask people to clap or say “Awesome”! Continue reading “Appreciation & Adulthood!!!!”