When you run the vehicle at 50 miles per hour, the world looks like a flat gray road, with two unending stripes painted down in the middle. But at 25 miles per hour, it’s more interesting and remarkable.

I love driving in the neighborhood where I can be within the speed limit and notice how the sky is waiting ahead to kiss this road, how a broken magnolia gives up fighting with the gravity and selects the ground for its final sleep. Continue reading “Ephemeral”



It happens. There are things we remember exactly when we are not supposed to remember them- no matter how carefully we guard them all the time, no matter what precautions we take, no matter how many mothballs we hide in each layer of our anecdotes to preserve them. There will be a thin light through the cracks of the mind, or that’s what I heard. There will always be a memory enveloped in a beaming present. Continue reading “Petrichor…”

Fanatics, Football, Finals

World Cup Football1

Almost everyone in my family and friend circle studied Science. Many of them are art lovers, painters, singers, dancers, movie-addicts, foodies, song-admiring people. And all of them are sports fans. My dad, brother and husband love watching all kind of sports. When Olympic happens they admire swimming, tennis and figure skating all at the same time, giving each one same importance. Love deserves attention and importance, right?
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