November Nostalgia


How fast a month can fly?

It was just first day of November and the pumpkin patches were weary, soon their orange color was vanishing into lush greens of fresh cut Christmas trees. People were waiting for Thanksgiving dinner, long commutes, lengthy political discussions with know-it-all relatives, and those black Friday deals. Shops were selling pumpkin pies, pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin ice-creams, pumpkin recipe books. A dozen of dead turkeys were always on display on the shelves. Continue reading “November Nostalgia”

Key to that happiness

Yosemite falls in April 2015

A year ago, a friend told me about her search for happiness. She found articles on the internet and tried following them. But most of the points of those articles didn’t work. I had to share my story with her: I often lose keys of the house and car and I have a strong urge to Google them. Of course no internet or books can help me to find them. Sometimes we have to memorize those usual places where we can find our lost keys. Continue reading “Key to that happiness”