Woman to Woman

Woman to woman

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

– Mary Oliver

I met you at a very tender age. You wore a purple top, so tight and low cut that nothing was left to the imagination. Your husband gave us little lecture on love and new beginnings. You giggled at every silly joke the evening made that day, and your judging eyes stared at my uncomfortable face for hours. It was our first meeting.  Continue reading “Woman to Woman”



I still remember that day. The sky was crystal clear. All the plants in the garden were wrapped with yellow and white flowers. “The best garden in the entire universe,” I might have said that again and again. I accompanied my mom to her best friend Aunt K’s house for the first time in my life. My mom told me many stories about Aunt K’s house and garden where she spent a large part of her childhood, playing hide and seek, chasing the bees and drinking nectar from honeysuckle. Her memory was fresher than those blooming beauties of the garden. Her eyes twinkled each time she remembered her childhood in that garden during the story telling. Continue reading “Friendship…”

In the modern world..

Birds in the bay

Saturday 1 PM:

I enter the big, nicely lit phone store.

I am here because I accidentally laundry-washed my phone. A day without a phone really is a bliss. I know it. I have felt it numerous times. I wish my parents were living with me. I wish they did not have to feel anxiety and worries that were six thousand miles long when my phone died.

I wish the world was not bigger than my little happy home. Continue reading “In the modern world..”