Five Things That Made Me Happy in June & July

Just another happy place in California
After a long wait, when June was getting over, I made it a farewell party. I packed my kitchen, books, and beloveds to a little chalet by an alpine lake. I sat outside, ignoring the afternoon sun that burnt my skin. I let it burn. They grow again. Skin. Hair. Joy. In night, I read in the dark room, under gigantic pine trees; I looked up often and there were always a handful of stars peeking from the open ceiling, omnipresent like best buds from memory. I cooked good meal, hiked down to collect pine cones, and some memories for the camera.

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Thanking the wiser self

Thanksgiving fall

I have a wiser self.

The one that acts as the soothing inner voice when I miss an exit on the longest highway. The one that asks me to check my heart on the mirror once in a while and fix the flaws, not hide them.

The one that tells me to live silently, work on things that matter in the mundane world. The one that suggests me to be a true friend to friends and  to be present in each others’ lives, for years, not for a month or a year, not only on Facebook. Continue reading “Thanking the wiser self”

Appreciation & Adulthood!!!!

My friend’s daughter started learning words at very early age. When I met her for the second time I had to clap each time after her each success in finding right picture for right word – it was motivating her to try more. A year later, I heard that she wanted her mom to say “Awesome” after her little accomplishments in pronouncing correct words. That innocent story made me so happy that back home I thought of celebrating our little success here and there too..Its weird right? When we learn to speak and start to achieve big things , we forget to ask people to clap or say “Awesome”! Continue reading “Appreciation & Adulthood!!!!”