This too shall pass

Towards dipsea

“Gam zeh ya’avor” is a Hebrew phrase meaning “This too shall pass”. I don’t remember where exactly I read about it for the first time, but it remained one of my most favorite lines during too happy or too tedious days. I love old fables with eternal lessons. Being a multi-lingual I have that advantage; I could fly to ancient books of many cultures and learn things to carry forward in life. Continue reading “This too shall pass”

Green Romance of the Redwoods..



I envy birds because they can touch the sky whenever they want .  They have wings , they can fly , they can kiss the sky ! But, after seeing many tallest trees of the world , I know now  – to feel free, to kiss the sky , you do not need wings all the time ; you just have to be taller , stronger , wiser and sky has no choice but to notice you ! 

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