Life of Love


Why are you looking so dry today?” was her regular question to me. The usage of “dry” was really not meant to point out my ignorance about moisturizers or my firm abhorrence of all kind of alcoholic beverages. Some people love using metaphors. She explained, when your inner world looks like drought-driven earth your face shows it pretty well, you look dry. That might be true because I was not happy where I was working that time. Continue reading “Life of Love”

Appreciation & Adulthood!!!!

My friend’s daughter started learning words at very early age. When I met her for the second time I had to clap each time after her each success in finding right picture for right word – it was motivating her to try more. A year later, I heard that she wanted her mom to say “Awesome” after her little accomplishments in pronouncing correct words. That innocent story made me so happy that back home I thought of celebrating our little success here and there too..Its weird right? When we learn to speak and start to achieve big things , we forget to ask people to clap or say “Awesome”! Continue reading “Appreciation & Adulthood!!!!”