My thoughts about Women’s Day


I grew up in India. That means I know a country that kills its girls before they are born. A country where parents of a girl child have to work hard to save money for dowry. A country where wings of women are chopped and dreams are shoved. A country where love happens only on the screen of Bollywood films because marriages are arranged and girls from rural areas and cities still cannot choose love or life partners. Women’s day should have felt special because in a country like that womanhood definitely deserved a day of celebration to cheer up.  India is also the country that had a female prime minister, a female president, a lot of warrior queens and princesses, goddesses who killed the evils and saved the goodness. India is also the country where a lot of women fought for independence from the British Government with guns and peace talks until seventy years ago. There are glories to shade the darkness.  Continue reading “My thoughts about Women’s Day”

Zigzag Routes..



Whenever I hear of someone else’s achievements, I do not dwell on their awards or promotions ,or even the initial shock wave or aftermath of excitement . Instead , I find myself reconstructing those final ordinary moments that lead to the greatness of achievement. Those little but lengthy ordinary moments that make up our lives. Moments that we take for granted until we lose or gain faith on them again.

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Cook,Eat,Stay healthy!

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All my life until a few years ago, I was extremely thin . I loved food . But, studying hard, gossiping with friends , dance class, painting , singing loud, poetry writing , going with friends to watch art films , debating on national politics ,fixing the best friend with her best friend etc were more important.  😉 Nutrition , healthy eating were never the topic of any discussions.   Continue reading “Cook,Eat,Stay healthy!”