When Life Is The Present.

Once upon a time , on a Friday , for Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress I thought of checking some hmmold photographs I clicked in other countries. What happened next was inevitable , or so. I spent hours checking all happy moments from my past , then went to mail inbox and checked old mails . Soon , after 4 hours , I remembered I have a present, a beautiful present that I forgot for four hours. Continue reading “When Life Is The Present.”

If everyone is hurt, then who’s hurting?


Life after I hit 25 started becoming invincible. Simple things appeared difficult – for example compassion , forgiveness , laughter , trust.  Things that I always thought would change for good stayed unchanged . For example –  black holes of the society , politics , gender equality , literacy rate , versatile career options.

And then , friends started changing too ; some of them changed so much that I felt I never knew them .  Continue reading “If everyone is hurt, then who’s hurting?”