Love and other things




I know what they say about Love. I have heard it all. That it can haunt and govern you. That it can poison your life and destroy all your plans . That in the end , only love will set you free. That you live your entire life only to love and be loved. Maybe that’s the case for some people and some kind of love. I truly believe in love and even all the side effects it brings. I never forgot the beauty of love , not for a single day, yet I was also convinced that sometimes , love takes all empty spaces of your heart and kills the person you once were supposed to be! Continue reading “Love and other things”

We are made of memories.

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“A man is made of memories. It is all we are. Captured moments, the smell of a place, scenes played out time and again on a small stage. We are memories, strung on story lines–the tales we tell ourselves about ourselves, falling through our lives into tomorrow.”


I have a serious problem with letting things go. Things which are not about  good or bad experiences even though I hold on to good things very strongly. Things , here for example , are materialistic ones – old clothes , old sunglasses , old stopped watches, old photographs, old magazine in which only one story was good , old newspaper page where a small article inspired me , old text messages. Continue reading “We are made of memories.”