Quest for An Inner Selfie

Quest for an inner selfie

Every time I visit my in-laws, they show me many old photographs from their photo albums. Photographs of their trips, old dogs, celebrations and special moments that they hold so dearly. Each photo album looks like a book of short story collections, narrating to me my husband’s childhood that I haven’t seen. Each of those photographs stands out in my memory. The way he dressed. The way he was celebrated on his 10th birthday. Continue reading “Quest for An Inner Selfie”

When Life Is The Present.

Once upon a time , on a Friday , for Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress I thought of checking some hmmold photographs I clicked in other countries. What happened next was inevitable , or so. I spent hours checking all happy moments from my past , then went to mail inbox and checked old mails . Soon , after 4 hours , I remembered I have a present, a beautiful present that I forgot for four hours. Continue reading “When Life Is The Present.”

Story of a Blue Balloon & little sky

I was on Daily Post today. Please visit the link today to read what the whole world is sharing about “Moment of Kindness”  and stay inspired.  

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Some moments change your life , others just change the season. 🙂

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I love balloons; to me , they signify colors of butterfly , freedom of birds ; yet they are life-less. When you let them fly you don’t worry about their safety in an unknown destination; you can cut all material attachments easily and let your love fly away. Continue reading “Story of a Blue Balloon & little sky”