Right here..

“The faster we run, the more determined is the Universe to slow us down. The more embedded our methods of self-distraction, the more agitating the truth-aches calling us back to authenticity. The more eagerly we race to the sky, the more intense the lessons that bring us back to earth. The Universe has no interest in our flight from reality. It wants us right here. Nowhere else… but here.” 

– Jeff Brown, Ascending With Both Feet on the Ground

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Serenity is a fleeting state of mind that happens only when I go away from the hustle and bustle of my city life. Pursuing peace is a wonderful exercise, especially when you find that after a few hours of drive. I live pretty close to an ocean, tall redwoods, and a set of beautiful mountains; that means finding a serene landscape is not that difficult, at least for me.

Happy Weekend, dear readers.

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Of Places Or Faces..

new leaves

April is almost ending. I still cannot believe the fact that the first quarter of the year vanished; and I believe that next three months will be too hot to slow down, they will melt quickly to the summer sky to get ready for another autumn again.

Yesterday while waiting inside our parked car I noticed the tree [in the above picture], that green branch and that tiny happy shadow on the wall. I clicked that moment and thought of making a gratitude list for my present. Continue reading “Of Places Or Faces..”