In the modern world..

Birds in the bay

Saturday 1 PM:

I enter the big, nicely lit phone store.

I am here because I accidentally laundry-washed my phone. A day without a phone really is a bliss. I know it. I have felt it numerous times. I wish my parents were living with me. I wish they did not have to feel anxiety and worries that were six thousand miles long when my phone died.

I wish the world was not bigger than my little happy home. Continue reading “In the modern world..”


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It’s my little in-house joke – I remember we all work on certain technologies only when new iphones arrive in the market  with all its updated features and newer iOS version. Everyone I know , everyone I read/ see in real life talks about iphone features , colors , versions , marketing strategies ; even people who are nowhere close to technology tweet about cool phone colors and OS performance. Continue reading “Fridays!”