That Favorite Spot


We all have a favorite place: a place to go back, a place to cry an ocean, a place to sit and ponder, a place to have the regular milky tea, a place to wander. For some of us that place is somewhere near Mom’s kitchen, in anticipation of a lovely childhood that comes back each time we go home. For some of us, it’s that corner of nostalgia that every camera and every piece of paper forgot to capture. For some of us, it’s that beach where we walk miles even with an injured leg and a cured heart. For some of us, it’s that regular shop where we discuss family matters for the past 40 years and enjoy fleeting nirvana. Continue reading “That Favorite Spot”

Unfolded Mysteries..

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”


How about a life in which you never go out of your boundaries, you don’t try to know any unknowns , you exactly have same set of friends forever,you do never need any phone, internet connection, newspapers,television , radio! I am sure about that, I have observed many people living that kind of life . But, sadly or gladly , my life is the other kind! Continue reading “Unfolded Mysteries..”